My theme park wishes for 2021!

I will be honest with you I’m normally a glass half empty kind of girl but when it comes to my wishes for 2021 I’m a Coca-Cola freestyle cup half full kinda girl (with ICEE obviously). I’m remaining cautiously optimistic that 2021 will be a better sequel to 2020,surely planet Earth is not capable ofContinue reading “My theme park wishes for 2021!”

What Makes Halloween Horror Nights Special?

I am very happy to share this guest blog by the awesome Jonathan at Hung Up On Theme Parks,he makes great content over on YouTube and I am a big fan of his podcasts! He has left his social media platforms below so please give him a follow on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTubeContinue reading “What Makes Halloween Horror Nights Special?”

23 Reasons why I LOVE The Revenge Of The Mummy Ride.

Like a lot of people I am spending my birthday in lockdown, what should have been the start of a 7 day stay at The Aventura hotel, chilling out on the rooftop bar and enjoying my favourite cocktails with the stunning backdrop of Volcano Bay has transcended into sitting in my garden with a homemadeContinue reading “23 Reasons why I LOVE The Revenge Of The Mummy Ride.”

Planning tips for your first/next Universal trip.

Over the past few years I have become somewhat of an unofficial travel agent for my work colleagues, friends and family all wanting me to price them up a good deal. This is usually how the conversation goes…”Do you think this is a good price for a week in Tenerife?” Me(in utter horror)”You realise youContinue reading “Planning tips for your first/next Universal trip.”

Take my money Universal,You’ve earned my trust back.

Take my money Universal,You’ve earned my trust back. A little over a month ago I decided to postpone my families 2 week August holiday to Universal’s Cabana Bay, this decision was heavily based on next years availability and restrictions that I thought would be in place. While my family are feeling positive about postponing ourContinue reading “Take my money Universal,You’ve earned my trust back.”

What we DO know about the post quarantine Universal Studios

Today Universal Studios Orlando has made live their reservation system for the exclusive annual pass holder opening days (3rd and 4th June). Reservations were made available in order of tier status, with Premier and Preferred passholder’s given an hour advantage over Power and Seasonal Passholders. The booking page states “Please select your date, arrival timeContinue reading “What we DO know about the post quarantine Universal Studios”