Thinking out loud.

Disclaimer some of these queries are shallow,some trivial and some questions that I feel will need to be addressed before the re-opening. I do however think most of what I will mention will be real issues on 5th June onwards. So here is me thinking out loud…

1. As an annual pass holder from the UK I will be interested to see if non residents AP’s will continue to be extended. This is something that I really am not expecting to see happen.I find the seasonal pass which I hold to be outstanding value for money regardless.

2. Does Express pass exist anymore?! Given that guests to the park will be required to social distance in queues and capacity will be limited,I seriously wonder if express pass will be available.I see this as a potential problem for Universal both in the short and long term,if express pass is no longer accepted will Premier Pass holders be reimbursed,or rather will the parks continue to accept express pass and thus being able to separate guests into 2 queues as we know there will no longer be single rider lines.In the long term the express pass is the real selling point of the Hard Rock Hotel,Portofino Bay and Royal Pacific Resort and guests will often factor in the free days worth of express pass into the cost of their hotel stay often making it worthwhile.

3. Inclement weather in my experience is the only time you will see wait times drastically increase, for example Revenge of The Mummy is more times than not in the ball park of a 15 minute wait but in inclement weather you might be faced with a 65 minute wait as I did on several occasions last summer. So just what are Universal planning on doing with its guests when the rain and thunderstorms start? Many attractions can undoubtedly house a wait time of several hours,but with social distancing and the virtual queue system which appears to be in place for most rides,will it just be as simple as joining a queue for an indoor line?

4. With Virtual lines in place for most attractions,will it be a matter of booking each individual attraction one at a time and receiving a return time? Or will it work in the same way that Walt Disney World issue the first 3 fastpasses of the day that can be booked in hour long slots,one after the other? I am a big fan of the virtual line and would welcome it staying when social distancing is no longer required.

5. With it being confirmed that guests will not be required to wear face masks while in the pools at Volcano Bay,which is certainly logical,is it to be assumed that social distancing will not be required in pools?

6. Is park hopping allowed? Will each park have its own capacity? Will (ticketless) people only accessing Citywalk for shopping or dining be counted towards the capacity of the parks? What is the capacity?

7. Do the team members have the authority to remove guests who refuse to use a face covering?

8. Will coke freestyle continue to be offered and will refills be performed by a team member? The coke freestyle cups make a day in the park pretty inexpensive so I hope they are able to stay in some capacity.

9. Should we expect an opening of The Bourne Stuntacular? This would be one of the more obvious ways to house a lot of people for a half hour or so.

The closer we get to the parks re-opening the more information I would expect to see in relation to the topics I have brought up here and some become moot points. Until then please let me know your thoughts on the re-opening in the comments or over on my Instagram @thestudiosgirl I love to discuss theme parks and would be interested to know what you would expect to see on opening day.

2 thoughts on “Thinking out loud.

  1. You ask very good questions. One thing I would say is that the customer service at Universal has been excellent, so I imagine they will always err on the side of customer satisfaction. As a local passholder, I know my pass has been extended to correspond to the time the park was closed; must imagine the same would hold for all guests.

    Regarding mask-wearing, Florida, in general, is less stringent than many places. There have been reports of people not wearing masks at the just re-opened CityWalk and Disney Springs and people not being approached on it. As an Orlando resident, this has been my experience in different public places here.

    I imagine that as things progress and time passes, restrictions will ease.

    In the past, when I’ve had questions, I’ve always emailed Customer Service and they got back to me within a day with excellent answers.

    I hope you get all your questions answered. (Interesting getting the perspective of someone who lives so far away compared to me who lives just a 10-minute drive up the street!)


    1. The customer service and the media teams have been fantastic as always! I did email them some of my questions and they said that they aren’t yet in a position to answer which is definitely to be expected with this crazy situation! Thanks for reading 🙂


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